Innovative protective solutions made in the UK

We design, manufacture, supply and install defensive systems for protecting people, assets as well as temporary and permanent infrastructure against a multitude of direct and indirect threats.

Delivered on time, on location, we are your reliable and trusted partner to protect what matters most.


Over 100 years’ experience

Providing innovative solutions worldwide, in remote and demanding locations. Based on tried and tested technology, we manufacture to the highest standards - to government and military specifications - and accompany our clients with support services from the initial project design to onsite training and installation support.

Fighting the elements

Should you have requirements for humanitarian, environmental or other security concerns, please contact us at:


We can design, supply and install standard or custom solutions to protect people and assets for a wide range of applications such as:

Humanitarian & peace keeping


Oil & Gas

Mining industries

Flood protection

Earth and bank re-enforcement


Hazardous material storage

Crowd control

Hostile vehicle mitigation

Perimeter security

Live fire training grounds